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Saturday, 05 July 2008
Summer Meeting Swiss Military Museum Full Reuenthal in Switzerland
After 2006 this was the 2nd summer meeting for military vehicles. At 12.30 a parade was held with 3 Centurion Tanks, a Czechoslovakian T72M and an Hungarian FUG (BRDM) as well as a Rotinoff Super Atlantic. The parade was lead by the Schweizer Kavallerie Schwadron 1972 and the Historische Radfahrer Kompanie. Celebrated was also the 20th Anniversary of the Swiss Centurion Society. The old French steam locomotive 241.A.65 paid their tribute too.

The absolut highlight were the tanks in action on the crosscountry site: Panzerjäger G13 (Swiss postwar Hetzer), German Leopard 1A4, Czechoslovakian T34 and T72M.

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