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Monday, 7. January 2008
The Swiss Army in the 1960s
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A Swiss Mowag GW3500 in GS configuration. The Mowag is based on Dodge Power Wagon mechanical components. Soft-top cab and rear body with seats.

A Saurer M6 is towing a 10,5cm howitzer. The M6 were produced from 1940-48 and appeared with cargo and house-type van bodies. The Saurer M4, M6 and M8 range had a very sophisticated cross-country chassis with many novel features.

Note: The driver is sitting on the left side, instead of right side. The pic was published like that.

Soil auger on a trailer (Erdbohrgerät 52).
The Swiss Army heavily used horses (eg. Austrian Haflinger breed) in the mountain regions. Here they are transported on a Saurer 2CM or Berna 2UM.
A Mowag GW3500 in ambulance configuration.

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